Ecuador rose

About Flowex

Who is Flowex

The Flowex team is made with motivated import and export professionals all targeting the same goal: the best cut flowers for our customers. From Aalsmeer, we import high-quality cut flowers from all over the world, with a clear focus on products from South America. Thanks to our strong and longstanding relationships with top growers in Ecuador, Colombia and many other countries, we always deliver the best quality products to our customers at competitive prices.

From small & modest to a flourishing import and export company

Flowex started in 2002 as a modest company with a small assortment of cut flowers from South America, where we focussed mainly on the Dutch market. From 2009, both the assortment and customer base of Flowex rapidly expanded. Now, around 20 years later, Flowex is a flourishing international import and export company, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and with an office in Ecuador.

The premium products of Flowex

Today, we serve customers worldwide. Our top-quality cut flowers come from the most important import countries in the world. For example, we import a great deal from South America, but also from countries like Israel, South Africa, Italy and Thailand. We distinguish ourself with our high quality, extensive and varied assortment.

Our growers

Over 80 growers worldwide supply us with a wonderful assortment of cut flowers. We visit our regular growers at least twice a year, to guarantee the quality of our products. During these visits, we check the quality in the greenhouses, processing area and cold store. We also look at the quality of the packaging, the choice of varieties and we assess new varieties.

A love for South America

We still focus on our first love: South America. Thanks to the ideal climate, countries like Ecuador and Columbia continue to deliver cut flowers of the highest quality. Around three quarters of our imports are roses grown at a great height. From these countries, we also import Gypsophila, Hypericum, Alstroemeria, Carnations, Hydrangea, exotic flowers, preserved roses from RoseAmor and more

Professional logistics

We monitor the logistics process from start to finish. Because of this we can guarantee that our products reach their destination in perfect condition. For intercontinental transport, Flowex uses specialised airlines with innovative concepts for refrigeration and transport, which safeguards quality and lifespan.


Flowex joined forces with Flowers Express (IT) and Flexin (IT). Together we form the Flowers Express Group. We have our own office in Quito, Ecuador. Our employees are in touch with our growers every day and organise the transport of our products. The Flowers Express Group is one of the biggest importers of cut flowers from South America in Europe.

Flowex supports your imports

At Flowex, we support our customers every day. Our assortment is extensive, varied and competitively priced. Working with more than 80 growers means there is always sufficient availability. Also in times of scarcity. The Flowex team is flexible and service oriented. For us, the customer is a real customer, not a number. Which is why we believe in personal attention, good communication and longstanding customer relationships.