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Roses from Ecuador

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As import specialists of roses, we always ensure the highest quality and a wide range of flowers. We import our roses from Ecuador. The location and climate in Ecuador is optimal for growing the highest quality roses. Because Ecuador is on the equator, they will get more daylight then anywhere in the world. Due to the high altitude of the growers, the flowers take longer to develop. This makes them stronger and larger than roses from other countries. Our roses are therefore also known for their very big head sizes and excellent quality. We regularly visit our growers to ensure the high quality. We check the greenhouses, processing area and cold stores. This way we are always aware of the quality we deliver to our customers. To keep our range wide, we also discuss the trends and newest varieties. This way we can always offer our customers what they need. A wide variety of colors and lengths can all be found in our assortment. We also offer a wide range of garden roses and spray roses.

roses flowex ecuadorroses ecuadorflowers flowerwholsale roseimport

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