Team Flowex

Team Flowex

Every morning our highly motivated and professional team is ready for you. With offices in the Netherlands and Ecuador, we are passionate about delivering the best quality cut flowers to our customers every day. Our team in Ecuador ensures that we can communicate quickly with our growers and arrange the transport of the flowers to the Netherlands. Our logistics department receives the flowers and prepare them with great care for transport to our customers. The contact points for our customers are located at our office in Aalsmeer. Every day our team is ready to offer you the best cut flowers on the market. Our team is characterized by their flexibility and service orientation. We think in terms of solutions and attach great value to honest and clear communication, personal attention and long-term customer relationships. Whether it concerns our sales team, administration, marketing or logistics, we at Flowex all strive for the highest quality and best service.


Our sales team is the contact point for our customers. They help our customers with the best cut flowers every day. Communication, reliability, flexibility and service orientation are some of our most important values.


Our logistics department is ready every day to prepare everything for our customers. They ensure that all flowers are received and then carefully prepared for transport to our customers.


Flowex joined forces with Flowers Express (IT) and Flexin (IT). Together we form the Flowers Express Group. We have our own office in Quito, Ecuador. Our team in Quito communicates daily with our growers and organizes the transport to Europe. This way we can adapt fast to your wishes and have short lines of communication with our growers and costumers. The Flowers Express Group is one of the biggest importers of cut flowers from South America in Europe.

Flowers Express Group